Saturday 11 May 2013

DVD review: Zombie Wars (Video 2007)

Nobody knows exactly how it happened.  Some think it was the tail of a comet that passed too close to the earth, while others believed that it was simply time for man to atone for thousands of years of sinning.  Whatever the reason, the dead rose from from the ground, and they were hungry! After years of war only small, rebel bands of humans now remain in the war against the undead. When David (Adam Mayfield), the leader of a military group, is captured and taken to a nearby farm, he learns of a horrific secret - the zombies are farming groups of humans and harvesting them as food. Now it is up to Brian to organize an uprising to reclaim the freedom of his fellow humans but even when the battle is over, an even more insidious secret awaits in the nearby town... Zombie Wars is written and directed by David A. Prior. The acting is dreadful, the camerawork and editing is good but the  transitions between scenes is awful. The female narrator is just annoying. Zombie Wars is dull and unengaging as it pretty quickly looses its pace and gets quite talky with sporadic action-sequences. There is quite a bit of unintentional comedy in this, for instance the humans base camp is ridiculous (it looks pathetic) and the love story between Brian and Star (Alissa Koenig) is failed attempt to include some romance in the flick. There´s not a modicum of atmosphere or tension in this. There´s a decent amount of gore, we get lots of squibs, a couple of beheadings, and some characters getting bit and eaten. There is both practical and computer rendered fx. The effects are decent  The zombies make-up fx design is pretty basic stuff and if you´re familiar with the genre you won´t be impressed with what is on screen. There´s no T & A in this.
Zombie Wars is also known as Zombie War and War of the Living Dead.
This review is based upon the Austrian region 2 DVD release from EuroVideo, english audio is available.
Rating: 1 out of 7. Zombie Wars is pretty terrible but it is definitely not one of the worst movies I´ve seen. There are a few good moments in this despite all its flaws but it is not scary at all. 


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