Thursday 23 May 2013

DVD review: Limbless (2012)

Two brothers make a weekendtrip into the woods to their long-abandoned home. Shortly after arrival at the campsite they get ready for the scheduled hunt. But instead the hunters becomes the prey of an insane murderer. Limbless is written, shot, edited and directed by Daniel Konze. The acting is pretty decent, the camerawork and editing is pretty good. The soundtrack is pretty nice. The pace is good, the running time of this backwoods slasher is just 13 minutes. There is some build up but we hardly get to know the main characters before things start happening. The look of the killer is simple but quite effective. Limbless is pretty gory, the highlight is a well-made effect when a character gets his throat cut off. It´s all practical fx, some of it looks good and some looks amateurish but the viewer should keep in mind that this was shot on a shoestring budget. There´s no T & A in this.
Support independent filmmaking and buy your copy from Boredom Production , but be quick, it´s a limited release of only 50 copies.
This review is based upon the region all (Region 0) DVD release from Boredom Production, it´s uncut and english subtitles are available.
Rating: 5 out of 7. Limbless is the first release from Boredom Productions, it has a few flaws, it isn´t perfect but it is entertaining and showcases some of Daniel Konze´s potential as a filmmaker, I look forward to see more from Daniel Konze and his company and in fact they are currently working on a new short titled The Rise of Valhalla which (if everything goes according to plan) will be finished 2015.


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