Sunday 12 May 2013

Interview: Adam Sotelo (Director |Writer |Cinematographer )

Today we´re speaking with Adam Sotelo who is currently working on Perseveration which will be his feature flick debut.  

J.L: How did you get into film making?
A.S: I was always interested in film making, especially horror movies. Since I was younger I've wanted to make horror films and I recently attempted to do something film-wise just by making a fake trailer. After the trailer blew up on Youtube and Horror websites, I decided to make it into a feature film called "Perseveration."

J.L: What are some of your favorite films?
A.S: A Serbian Film, The Bunny Game, Texas chainsaw Massacre, August Underground Trilogy, Evil Dead, & Frankenstein are some off the top of my head.

J.L: Who are some of your influences?
A.S: Lars von trier, Quentin Tarantino, and Anton Lavey.

J.L: Which films and what inspired you in the creation of Perseveration?
A.S: A Serbian film & The Holy Mountain

J.L: What can you tell us about it?
A.S: Perseveration will be shocking, disgusting, and offensive to most. The film is unscripted, I used the ideas for scenes that were in my head and put them toward making the movie.

J.L: What kind of budget are you working with on Perseveration?
A.S: It has been paid out of pocket until recently, when someone offered to throw in a couple thousand dollars to help move it along quicker to meet my deadline.

J.L: How did you raise the funds?
A.S: Originally, a year ago, we had an investor that was offering us $10,000 then he backed out when I told him the content of the film. After that we tried kickstarter and Indegogo, however, none of them worked out in our favor. After that falling through we put on a benefit show to help raise money for the film and that seemed to work out pretty well. Besides all of that, everything has been funded out of pocket.

J.L: How is the shooting going for Perseveration?
A.S: Slow. We havent been shooting much because of the lack of funds, however, now that we have what we need we will be filming more and quicker to meet our deadline of October 2013.

J.L: What lessons have you learned so far while making it?
A.S: If you want to make a gore flick... HAVE THE FUNDS FOR IT BEFORE JUMPING INTO IT! 

J.L: What advice can you give someone looking to get into the industry?
A.S: Just do it! Dont wait for anything, if you have an idea for a film, buy or rent what you need and dont wait for anyone. Have the drive to finish a project and always try to have an original idea.

J.L: Where do you see yourself heading?
A.S: Hopefully i would like to see myself being known in the idependant horror community and Making Hellsgate Pictures a successful independant film company.

I´d like to thank Adam Sotelo for taking the time off to answer my questions.


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