Tuesday 14 May 2013

DVD review: Left for Dead (2007)

Drugs, sex and wild parties - every year for Halloween the students throw all inhibitions overboard. But this time an uninvited guest comes to visit. He's wearing a Halloween mask and is decimating the pleasure-seekers with a machete. Tommy witnesses the murder of his friend Freddy, but neither the police nor his friends believe him. And the body has disappeared. What is going on here? Tommy harbors a terrible suspicion and an extremely bloody spectacle takes its beginning ... Left for Dead is written and directed by Christopher Harrison. The acting is decent but Danielle Harris who plays the character Nancy is a solid actress and never fails to deliver. The camerawork and editing is good.  The pace is pretty good, it moves almost to quickly forward, and yet the flick is quite boring and this might be due to the fact that with Left for Dead we´re in very familiar slasher territory (some scenes and plot points are more or less copied from earlier movies) and yet it only delivers parts of what we expect. There isn´t much atmosphere and it never gets scary. The soundtrack is pretty decent. There´s some brief gore, high lights include a character getitng his head blown apart by shotgun blast, someone getting their throat cut and machete to the head.  The look of the killer is so and so, it´s decent but could have been more effective. There´s gratuitous T & A including full frontal nudity during a prolonged shower scene and two sex-scenes.
Left for Dead is also known as Halloween: Left for Dead and Devil´s Night
This review is based upon the Austrian region 2 DVD release from ARTGORE.
Rating: 2 out of 7. It´s a pretty decent contribution to the slasher genre, certainly not one of the better but also not one of the worst. Danielle Harris is, as always, good but she doesn´t have much screentime, there are a good amount of nudity but the plot needs work, it could have been scarier and more gore would have been nice. Check it of if you´re a Danielle Harris fan or a die hard fan of the slasher genre.


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