Friday 16 March 2012

DVD review: Deadly Detour (2011)

When two carloads of friends were headed to Florida the only thing on their minds were sex, drugs, and alcohol. When a simple case of engine trouble sidelines the group in rural Maryland it begins a downward spiral into murderous acts of depravity. One by one they encounter something in the woods, an abomination of nature and science! These friends wanted a trip they would never forget... That is exactly what they got when their trip turned into a....... deadly detour. Deadly Detour is written, shot and directed by Mike O´Mahony. The acting, camera work and editing is decent but sometimes it´s hard to hear the dialogue due to poor audio quality. The viewer gets lots of sleazy dialogue, offensive humor, nudity, sex, drinking and an abundence of drug use. The killer Goatman (Erich Ficke), a deformed Jason-esque maniac. looks really cool and is really menacing in some scenes. Gorehounds will find a lot to like as there is a lot of gore, it´s all practical special fx and quite good. Among the high lights are a guy who gets an arrow put through the back of his head and out his mouth, a woman is stabbed repeatedly in the vagina with a vibrator and stomping on a pregnant woman’s belly so hard that her fetus pops out and the killer strangles her with the umbilical cord. Deadly Detour has been picked up for distribution by WWMM and will be released in May 2012. 
This review is based on the Maniac Films DVD release, it´s unrated.
Rating: 6 out of 7. Deadly Detour is a slasher made by fans for fans. It´s funny, contains every slasher movie cliche` and is very entertaining. Recommended to fans of the slasher films of the 80s. I enjoyed it and I look forward to future films from Maniac Films.


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