Saturday 17 March 2012

DVD review: Zombie Commando (Video 2006)

Craine Black (Marco Goldhofer,) head of security firm Biodyne steals a dangerous virus and in the process becomes infected with the "Z - virus". Biodyne need to find Black who has hidden in the woods as quickly as possible and stop his crusade of death. They turn to Ash (Michael Donner), the former leader of a security commando team. Together with the virologist Francis (Melanie Bayersdorfer) and the two mercenaries Carter (Alexander Goldhofer) and La Rocka (Juergen Schirl), Ash is sent into the wilderness to end the matter quickly and discretely. But soon they understand that they have underestimated the situation. Zombie Commando is written and directed by Michael Donner and Marco Goldhofer. The acting is decent, but some of the cast are all too young for the characters that they are supposed to portray. The pacing is a little slow at first but the film picks up it´s pace after awhile. It has good camera work and editing, the soundtrack is excellent. Gorehounds should be pleased as there is a lot of gore. The special fx are good, a combination of practical fx and CGI which is mainly used for splattery head shots. You can tell that most of the budget was spent on the zombies and the numerous shots to the head and splatter effects.
This review is based on DVD release from Maximum Uncut Productions which is uncut and there are english subtitles available. It´s part of a limited edition release, 1000 copies, numbered, My copy is numbered 312.
Rating: 4½ out of 7. Zombie Commando is succesful in certain places and the film gets better towards the end and is overall fun.


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