Saturday 21 April 2012

DVD review: Bong of the Dead (Video 2011)

Edwin (Mark Wynn) and Tommy (Jy Harris) are two stoner buddies who are lone survivors of a mass zombie outbreak caused by meteorites. One day they discover a great zombie fertilizer that helps grow super potent pot. The problem is since the government has cleared out many of the major cities, there are no longer any zombies where they live. In order for them to try and get more zombies for fertilizer, they must go on a road trip to the “Danger Zone” where they hope to find and gather as many zombies as possible for their brains. Along the way they get captured by an evil flamboyantly gay Zombie named Alex (Barry Nerling) who has a plot to organize an army of the undead in order to take over the world. Once they escape his clutches, they team up with Leah Kroaker (Simone Bailley), another lone survivor who has spent her time since the outbreak tinkering and building things on her farm. She joins the boys and builds the ultimate zombie killing machine in order to help them on their quest. Armed with an array of unique weapons made from scraps on her farm, they take on the zombie army in a bloody battle to the death! There is more blood and bud in this hilarious action comedy adventure than you have ever witnessed before. Bong of the Dead is written and directed by Thomas Newman and it´s a mix of comedy, action and horror. The acting is decent, the camera work and editing is surprisingly good especially considering the microbudget. The pacing is slow very slow and there is a lot of talking, there are some funny parts in it but some of the humour is just "cheap". Gorehounds should be pleased as there are some good and juicy gore. There is both practial make-up fx and computered gendered fx. In the climatic ending things really kick off as the heroes uses a pickup truck sporting a trio of lawnmowers (the ultimate zombie killer?) just too bad that it takes so long to get there.
This review is based upon the region 2 release from Njuta Films.
Rating: 1½ out of 7. Bong of the Dead just isn´t very good, there is way to little action, horror and zombies and the attempts at humour is mostly a failure. The true highlights of the film are the action sequences but they are few and far between.


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