Monday 16 April 2012

Review: Island of the Cannibal Death Gods (Video 2011)

First I´d like to thank Jeff Freeman for sending me a screener of his film.
Three men, trying to escape from the prying eyes of the media, book a fishing charter and get more than they bargained for. Island of the Cannibal Death Gods is written and directed by Jeff Freeman. The pacing is low but the intent is to make us know and feel for the characters before things slowly start happening around the 30 minutes mark. The acting is pretty bad, the camera work is ok but the editing is pretty bad and the sound isn't properly synched in some scenes. There are some badly choreographed fight scenes. There is plenty of both intentional and unintentional humor. Let´s just say that Island of the Cannibal Death Gods looks and feels cheap with it´s many technical flaws, which I guess is a concious choice in their effort to try to recreate the style of the old B-movies of the 1970s. As expected there is some nudity and some gore in the film, actually there is a surprisingly small amount of gore, it´s limited to cheap looking gore make-up fx and a lot of the potentially bloody carnage happens off screen.
This review is based upon a screener provided by Jeff Freeman
Rating: 1 ouf of 7.  Island of the Cannibal Death Gods is not meant to be taken seriously and it isn´t meant to be technically perfect (I think), But honestly this is not my kind of movie, it´s just too boring, it takes forever for things to start happening, there are plenty of silly scenes, technical flaws and bad acting..


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