Friday 6 April 2012

DVD review: Sexually Deranged (2010)

He has kidnapped, tortured and raped dozens of women. And he´s not going to stop. Savage, brutal and disturbing. Sexually Deranged is the story of a madman - a psychotic serial rapist and religous zealot - whose systematc abuse of his victims is both terrifying and terrifyingly possible. Victim and victimizer, the cycle of psychical and sexual abuse continues. Sexually Deranged is directed by Oliver Hunt. Abyssmally bad acting, really bad camera work and editing, weak soundtrack and so on... It´s total crap. The pacing is slow, really utterly painfully slow with boring prolonged scenes for instance we get to see a buttugly woman first doing yoga (is it yoga? I don´t know) and then taking a loooooong shower touching herself. After being captured by the sexually deranged man she´s forced to ride a exercise bike in her panties until she comes...  Yes, it´s that kind of movie but it´s so inept, so bad that you find yourself thinking "why o why am I watching this?" As you might expect there is lots of full frontal female nudity and explicit scenes of female masturbation in this film but the cast is made up of mainly unattractive women.
This review is based upon the DVD release from Independent Entertainment, it has not been rated.
Rating: 0 out of 7. OMG WTF did I just watch? Did I really pay money for this? Sexually Deranged is a piss poor excuse for a film and is extremely boring, Diary of a sex Offender (it was directed by the producer of Sexually Deranged) at least had something resembling a plot and some semi-interesting characters but this one is just plain bad. And if you are going to make a film that features lots of nudity, why not try to at least have a cast of attractive women??


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