Sunday 5 August 2012

DVD review: ROT: Reunion of Terror (2008)

10 years after high school, an invitation to a reunion at a secluded hunting cabin draws six friends into a vicius game of life-and-death. Unbeknownst to the partiers, the mutilated bodies of two young campers lie hidden in the nearby woods. As the night progresses and one-by-one friends disappear, tensions escalate.. is there a demented serial killer on the loose, or could one of them be behind this reunion of terror? ROT: Reunion of Terror is written by Bill Cassinelli, Meghan Jones, Justin Powell and Michael Hoffman Jr. who also is the director. The acting is for the most part decent. It´s professionally shot and edited and features a good soundtrack. There are some suspenseful scenes and flick is not too predictable.. There´s some nice gore, old school practical fx, but this isn´t a gorefeast and some killings occur of screen. Some T & A and some nice girl on girl action within the first ten minutes. I might as well admit that Hallie Bird is so freakin nice/sexy as the hitch-hiker Celine that she provides enough eyecandy for me to get me through the week...
This review is based upon the region 1 DVD release from Shock-O-Rama Cinema.
Rating: 5½ out of 7. It worked for me, I enjoyed this. Sure it has some flaws but it´s an entertaining flick that managed to keep my interest. I will keep my eyes open for more movies from Michael Hoffman Jr. and I can´t help to wonder what he could do if given a proper budget but hey I do know, check out my review of his latest flick Girls gone Dead (2012) .


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