Monday 6 August 2012

DVD review: Necro Files 2 (Video 2003)

The two detectives Sloane (Gary Browning) and Manners (Steve Sheppard) balance are hunting another brutal serial rapist and killer who indulges in cannibalism, little do they know that the man responsible is the brother of the maniac (turned zombie) in the first movie and unwittingly he reanimates his evil brother's corpse as a flesh-eating zombie rapist! Together, the pair go on a berserk killing and raping spree. The Necro Files 2 is written by Todd Tjersland and is directed by Ron Carlo but Todd Tjersland, Matt Jaissle and Greg Lewis have also gotten credit for being co-directors.. Yup, four directors and that´s usually not a good sign of what´s to come. The acting is hilariously bad which shouldn´t come as a surprise as several of the cast from part 1 are also in this. The camerawork and editing is poor. As earlier there is no suspense and the entertainment value is pretty low...  It lasts only 60 minutes, but I felt the time was significantly longer than that. The Necro Files 2 feels more like a remake than a sequel.  It´s gorier, I mean bloodier as it´s blood that we see and no cuts, than the first movie but the make-up fx is pretty cheap-looking and weaker than the original, the highlight is a prolonged scene of cannibalism in the beginning of the movie.The killings are too amateurishly staged to have any impact on the viewer. I do like the make-up fx design for the decaying zombie serial rapist. There is plenty of T & A including several scenes of full frontal nudity and it´s more explicit than the first movie as vaginas are viewed in close up. Actually it´s pretty close to the threshold of the hardcore and I think most of the female cast members are porn actresses. There is male nudity in the form of penises but these are, however, quite obviously rubber imitations. There are several sexual situations and scenes of rape and that nasty/sleazy mix of sex and violence which are sure to provoke the plotically correct and the squemish but I ain´t neither and I just found it to be rather boring. And yes, the zombie serial rapist keeps running around with his cock hanging outside his pants and he´s still hung like a horse.
This review is based upon German region 2 DVD release from Rape Entertainment and is part of a 2 Disc Box-Set. It has english audio and german subtitles.
Rating: 0½ out of 7.  I came to think of  the german director Andreas Bethmann and his Vegetarierinnen series while watching it and I think the next logical step if there is ever a part 3 in The Necro Files saga is it to be pure hardcore porn. The Necro Files 2 is an amateur production at the lowest level, it´s just plain boring, it relies only on its rape scenes, naked breasts and pussies in an attempt to entertain and shock the viewer and it fails miserably.


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