Saturday 18 August 2012

DVD review: Angel of Death 2 - zur Unzucht gezwungen (?)

The ruthless gang leader Fat Freddy and his gang kidnapps young women and use them in his kinky sex films. The women are subjected to degrading treatmen and brutal gang rapes after that they are killed and disposed of in garbage bags. Policeman Landlock (Paul Spencer) has nothing against the gang but when Angel (Diana Slave), the last victim, survives miraculously, he sees his chance. By all means He is trying to protect Angela's life and to put a stop to Fat Freddy. Now welcome to the land of confusion, while it´s easy to believe that this is the sequel to Andreas Bethmanns Der Todesengel (1998) which is also known as Angel of Death: Fuck or Die but that´s not the case. Angel of Death 2 - zur Unzucht gezwungen is written and directed by god knows who as theu aren´t mentioned in the credits. That´s not a good sign.  The acting, OMG the acting is horrible, absolutely horrible. It´s badly shot and edited. The soundtrack is pretty bad... The fightscenes are terrible, really terrible. There is some very badly made gore in the beginning and at the end of the flick. In the T & A department, let´s just say that this is hardcore movie with lots and lots of explicit nudity and of explicit sex, which are prolonged, repetitive and in my opinion overlong and boring. Some of the scenes are pretty rough, they also throw in some wet games towards the end but there is nothing too extreme. There is one or two scenes that are pretty sleazy especilly when a doctor takes advantage of a seemingly unconsious Angel.
Angel of Death 2 - zur Unzucht gezwungen is also known as Angel of Death Returns.
This review is based upon the region 2 DVD release from Morbido films, it´s german language only.
Rating: 0 out of 7. OMG this was bad, really f*cking bad!!! I was kinda hoping for Bethmann stuff (did I just say that? :S ) but this was just awfully bad, ugly and really boring. I can´t find a single positive thing to say about it.


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