Monday 6 August 2012

DVD review: The Necro Files (1997)

By a satanic ritual held at a cemetery a dead and buried serial rapist and killer is awaken to new life. As a zombie with a oversized penis he goes on a perverse rape marathon. The Necro Files is written by Todd Tjersland and is directed by Matt Jaissle. There is some truly painful bad acting on screen, the camerawork and editing leaves a lot to be desired but keep in mind that this was shot on a very low budget. There is nil sense of atmosphere, no suspense and no tension. There is gore but it isn´t a gorefeast and the make-up fx is pretty bad but I do like the decayed look of the zombie serial rapist and the first killing is admittedly pretty brutal. There is a flying zombie baby (it´s a plastic doll painted grey/white) that just has to be seen. The Necro Files is sleazy with its mix of violence and sex, there are several scenes of rape. Plenty of T & A including full frontal nudity and I shoulnd´t forget to mention that the zombie serial rapist is running around with his cock hanging outside his pants and he´s hung like a horse (don´t worry, it´s made out of rubber).
The Necro Files is also known as Psycho Zombie Lover Butcher.
This review is based upon German region 2 DVD release from Rape Entertainment and is part of a 2 Disc Box-Set. There are two versions of the movie available, my review is based on the Original US version with english audio and german subtitles.
Rating: 1 out of 7. Sleaze, violence, gore, nudity can´t save The Necro Files even if I give it points for it. It´s probably one of the silliest things I´ve ever seen, it´s quite boring and not very entertaining.
The acting is atrociously bad, the production values are low and the filmmakers almost try too hard to be over the top. Recommended only to those with a fetish for sleaze and trash.


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