Monday 6 August 2012

DVD review: 300 Killers (2010)

A short time from now.. Violent crime has risen five hundred percent. One in ten  people are hooked on heroin. One in five people will be assaulted or murdered, and over twenty five percent of the police force is dead or missing. For police chief Ernie Lomax (Johnny Andrews), one thing is dreadfully clear... There´s a new pusher in town; someone so vicious, so savagely depraved, that bringing him down could launch the biggest bloodbath yet. When detective Frank McMuffin (Anthony Tomei) disapppears undercover, his girlfriend, Vicki Stanton (Tierra Peterson) teams up with chief Lomax on a suicide mission to end these brutal crimes. 300 Killers is written Sammy Shapiro and directed by Matt Jaissle. It´s pretty much bad acting from all members of the cast, it´s decently shot and edited. The soundtrack is pretty decent. I do like the plot but there are several scenes that need editing as they feel overlong and there is a serious lack of action, there is actionsequences but they are too few and are way too far between. I like the look of the killers, it´s cheap but effective. I also like that they use knives and machetes instead of firearms. Only brief gore in this, this could have been much gorier but the filmmakers choose to work around the gory shots, this is possibly due to budgetery concerns. No T & A but Tierra Peterson do look good in her underwear.
This review is based upon the region 1 DVD release from Midnight Releasing.
Rating: 1 out of 7. 300 Killers is pretty bad and boring which is a bit sad as I think the plot has great potential, I wish they could´ve focused more on the action..


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