Wednesday 15 August 2012

DVD review: Der Todesengel (Video 1998)

Maniala (Manila May, pretty sure that ain´t her real name) is a popular photo-model. One day she is raped on her way home from the pimps, "Angelo" (Timo Rose) and "Micro" (Marc Fehse) who are constantly looking for new prostitutes, Manila is changed by the event, she now feels attracted to women and feel the urge to kill, men with sexual gratification. At the same time little Tina (Katharina Herm) is abducted to be sold to the prostitution ring belonging to "Angelo" and "Micro". Some time later Maniala runs into her tormentors "Angel" and "Micro" again. Now begins a fight to the death. Der Todesengel is written, produced and directed by Andreas Bethmann. It might feel a bit confusing at times but it all comes together towards the end of the film. The acting is amatuerish and pretty bad and even if Manila May isn´t shy so to say she ain´t a very god actress, actually she´s pretty bad. The camerawork and editing is okay. There is some gore, it´s practical make-up fx and some of it looks good while some of the gore is pretty lame. There is plenty of T & A, several scenes of full frontal nudity (mostly featuring Manila May who provides most of the nudity in this flick) and several scenes of both softcore sex and sexual violence. By the way this is one of those films where the men don´t need to take their clothes of to perform a rape but the woman is of course is totally nude. It´s sleazy, and it has a explicit scene of necrophilia where Manila pleases herself with a decapitated head that is sure to provoke and shock some viewers.
Der Todesengel is also known as Angel of Death: Fuck or Die.
This review is based upon the region 2 DVD release from X-Rated, it´s a limited release of 666 copies, my copy is numbered 205 and has Cover B (see the picture above).
Rating: 2½ out of 7. Der Todesengel is a pretty nice addition to my collection of rape and revenge flicks, it´s certainly much sleazier than most them out there. Note that Andreas Bethmann has made several movies after this that are sleazier, nastier, more explicit and gorier.


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