Friday 24 August 2012

DVD review: Legion of the Dead (2001)

William and his sidekick Luke have just started a relaxing trip through the beautiful California desert when they stumble onto a small town where, unbeknownst to them, a mysterious tall blond man and his sadistic henchmen are killing people to create a Legion of the Dead! Legion of the Dead is written and directed by Olaf Ittenbach. Terrible acting, the camerawork and editing is pretty good but beware that there are different edits of this movie, the US release differs from other releases. Legion of the Dead is supposed to be funny, but it is not. I found this to be very boring, it´s very talky and a bit confusing. There is gore but compared with Ittenbach´s other movies it´s restrained. The practical make-up fx are okay. The CGI used in some transformation scenes looks awful. The make-up fx design for demons are okay. In the T & A department there is some brief backside/ass in this..
This review is based upon the swedish region 2 DVD release from Scanbox Entertainment.
Rating: 1 out of 7. I´ve seen several movies directed by Olaf Ittenbach but this is very bad..   Legion of the Dead  is painfully bad, very boring and a huge disappointment for me as a self confessed Ittenbach fan. Some decent gore can´t save this poor rip-off of From Dusk Till Dawn .


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