Tuesday 14 August 2012

DVD review: Suffer and Die (Video 2009)

Marc and Fred share a common passion: the killing of people! Marc is a professional killer and Fred skupelloser a sadistic murderer hobby. By chance they meet in a bar, drinking together and begin to tell stories of their murders and tortures. But then something happens that makes new friends into bitter enemies. Suffer and Die is written, shot, edited, produced and directed by Philip Polcar. This flick actually offered much more than I expected; there is actually a plot and there are actually real characters. It´s has much better production values than the trashy amateur films such as the Violent Shit series, it has an interesting story, atmospheric images and music and pretty good acting.   The main problem with Suffer and Die is that it´s not particularly entertaining. This is bound to be a disappointment for gorehounds, there is a few scenes of explicit violence and torture but it wasn´t as gory as I expected, especially considering the artwork on the DVD-cover. It´s practical make-up fx and looks pretty good. Some very brief nudity and there is a rape-scene that feels realistic.
This review is based upon the Austrian region 2 DVD release from Brain Damaged Films, it´s part of a limited release of just 99 copies, my copy is numbered 31.
Rating: 1½ out of 7. It is not what you expect, no matter from which point of view. For gorehounds there is too little gore, and I don´t think it will appeal to the mainstream audience or the fans of sophisticated, psychological thriller as there is perhaps too much of it.


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