Wednesday 8 August 2012

Review: The Dead Inside (2005)

First I´d like to thank Brian Clement for providing me with a screener of his film.
In 1948, two detectives who specialize in the paranormal assemble a team of investigators to look into the unexplained occurrences at a large Victoria, British Columbia home built 60 years earlier. In it, the team experiences hallucinations and visions of their own inner fears, and the ghostly forms of the past inhabitants. They discover the top secret work of an Allied scientist from World War II who had vanished in the house months earlier, has contributed to the dimensional rift that begins to consume them one by one... The Dead Inside is written and directed by Brian Clement. The acting is pretty good, the cinematography is good and there are some really nice and moody scenes in this. It also contains few scenes that takes place during World War 2 and these look very good especially considering the obvious limitations of budget. The soundtrack is excellent. It´s obvious that the sets, props and so on have been chosen with great care and it looks very good. This is not a gorefeast but there is some gore, it´s very nice looking practical make-up fx and it mainly appears during the scenes taking place during World War 2. No T & A in this.
This review is based upon a DVD-screener provided by the director.
Rating: 6 out of 7. The Dead Inside is an impressive effort and very different from the other Brian Clement movies I´ve previously reviewed, it shows signs of huge improvement in writing and craftmanship. I love the plot, the influences from H.P Lovecraft, the setting and the props.


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