Tuesday 28 February 2012

DVD review: Blood Reaper (Video 2004)

City people enter the cursed moutains, where madness dwells, and fall victim to the unseen predator foretold by legend. Blood Reaper is written by Douglas Hensley and is directed by Lory-Michael Ringuette. Horror fans might care to know that "scream queen" Brinke Stevens appears during the pre-credits sequence (her best years have long since past). The acting is really bad, here we get 40 year old actors that tries to play teenagers and you don't care for any of the potential victims and there is not any tension whatsoever. I just waited anxiously for the characters to get killed. After the pre-credit the film slows down and the pacing is awfully slow and even though the film has a short running time (just over 70 minutes) the film is too long and very boring.  Add to this that it´s badly shot, badly lit and edited. Thankfully there are some gory killings and the soundtrack is pretty good.
This review is based on the region 2 DVD release by Lighthouse DVD Distribution Ltd.
Rating: 0½ out o 7. Blood Reaper is hard to endure, the pacing is so freakin slow that it feels like the neverending story. It´s a poor attempt to make a slasher film. Do not waste your money or your time watching it.


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