Tuesday 7 February 2012

The Bunny Game (2010) contest

Here at Independent Flicks it´s time to launch the first contest. You as a reader can win the Njuta Films DVD release of The Bunny Game (2010) it has been confirmed to be PAL All Region, it´s brand new and laminated. In order to win The Bunny Game (2010), you need answer five questions, the topic is independently produced films. All the answers can be found here on Independent Flicks.

The last day of the competition is February 24. Good luck!
  1. Who wrote and played one of the main characters in Scrapbook (2000)?
  2. What is the name of Michelle Boback´s character in Torched (Video 2004)?
  3. Who is the special effects wizard responsible for the gruesome gore in K3: Prison of Hell (Video 2009)?
  4. Who is the director of Psycho Holocaust (2009)?
  5. Who plays Father Richard Cummings in Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (2011)?
The responses is sent in to me at independentflicks@hotmail.com

And of course the jury's decision is final.


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