Wednesday 29 February 2012

DVD review: Doll Boy (2010)

When a brutal daylight massacre leaves them bound and gagged in a remote, abandoned warehouse, eight young West Texans soon realize their minutes are numbered. Dropped deep into dark corridors, these captives quickly find themeselves in a game of predator and prey with a medciless killer brandishing a sledgehammer as his choice of judgment, The dilapidated structure once the adress of an old Tex-Mex flea market now houses a hell especially ready to deliver these unwitting souls a horrific fate they never dreamed existed. Doll Boy is a short film with a running time of 27 minutes, it´s written by Lee Ankrum and Billy Pon who also directs, is sound editor, producer and film editor. Good acting, Sergio Gracida as Doll Boy is a very creepy and imposing killer wearing a porcelain doll’s face mask. The film is very nicely shot and edited and a excellent soundtrack helps to create a creepy claustrophobic atmosphere. Sound is utilized to create a truly bizarre and frightening universe and the setting is hauntingly creepy. The kills are gruesome and shot really well with cutbacks to the kill blows into the practical effects setups of faces being caved in. The gore and special fx created by Def Con FX  are excellent! Two faux trailers are included before the film, Circus of the Dead and Mister Fister and I´m extremely happy that both are going to be shot in the future, Circus of the Dead during 2012 and Mister Fister in 2013. I´m so looking forward to these new films from Billy Pon.
For more info on Doll Boy and Pon's other projects, head to his official site Here
Rating: 7 out of 7. Doll Boy is Billy Pon´s directorial debut and and believe me it´s a very impressive debut. Doll Boy is freakin fantastic and gets my highest recommendations! Help support independent horror films and check it out! Billy Pon is the future of independent horror and I wanna see more from him!!


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