Thursday 16 February 2012

DVD review: Sudden Slaughter - Knochenwald 3 (Video 2008)

A group of amateur-occultists wakes with a ritual by mistake the dead mass murderer Mike Mansfield (Henrik Wierick) to life. M. Mansfield, known as "Knochenwald butcher", is not pleased with it by any means, because he had found his peace at last in death. Now this peace was taken from him and he knows only thing: FURY! He comes to take cruel revenge in the occultists group. However, that´s not all. Dennis Craven (Dennis Jürgensen), the only survivor of Mike Mansfield, is completely crazy and is a copycat killer, dressing exactly like him (with the suit and the mask) and killing like him. The occultists and their gothic-friends want to have a party. The Host Acid Arafat (Karl Schneider) is constantly filled with drugs. He invites the sickest and funniest people he knows because Acid wants that his party to be the greatest… Sudden Slaughter - Knochenwald 3 is written by Dennis Jürgensen and Marius Thomsen who also is the director. As in the previous films the acting is bad, it´s usual band of untalented amateur actors, but let´s be honest we ain´t watching this film for it´s acting we want to see splatter and this film is even gorier than the previous parts. Cinematography, editing, production is much better and also in terms of story it has evolved. The soundtrack is pretty good. The home made special fx isn´t all convincing, but it´s obvious that they´ve learned and improved their technique and keep in mind that it´s made on a very small budget. The lack of quality is somewhat compensated with lots of fake blood. There is some use of very bad CGI.
This review is based on The Knochenwald trilogy DVD release by Maximum Uncut Productions, it´s uncut and german language only. It´s part of a limited telease of 500 copies.
Rating: 3½ out of 7. Fans of amateur splatter fans can look forward to trashy splatter scenes by the minute. The gore content will give most blood-thirsty amateur film fans tears of happiness in their eyes. Sudden Slaughter - Knochenwald 3 is recommended for fans of extreme trash splatter.


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