Wednesday 8 February 2012

DVD review: Kettensägen Zombies Redux (Video 2010)

A group of young metal freaks sets out to the forest to camp during a weekend. they plan to drink, and to celebrate. But disaster is coming! One of the boys cuts his hand and his blood drips onto a corpse buried in the forest. Awakened by the blood, the creature has one goal, to destroy all living things. His first victim is a forestworker and the chainsaw is now the tool of hell. Kettensägen Zombies Redux is directed by Andreas Pape and Oliver Kellisch and it´s exactly what the titles implies, a redux of a earlier film Kettensägen Zombies from 1999, so we get a mix of new and old footage.
There is a non stop heavy metal soundtrack in the background, sometimes it´s hard to hear the dialogue because of the music but there is hardly any dialogue in the film and besides the sound quality is down right awful so it´s hard to hear what the characters are saying anyway.
Kettensägen Zombies Redux features bad acting, bad special fx, it´s badly shot and edited...
This reviw is based on the limited DVD release from Maximum Uncut Pictures, it´s uncut and is german language only.
Rating: 0½ out of 7. Thank god it´s only 34 minutes long (including end credits)...


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