Tuesday 14 February 2012

DVD review: Lost Way Of The Zombies (2005)

A chemical spill leads to the creation of hordes of zombies. A couple of people find themselves trapped and must fight for survival. Lost Way Of The Zombies is german independent horror film directed by Stefan Svahn who also plays the character Tom in the film. Amateurish acting, for the most part badly shot and edited. But gorehounds should take note that the zombies look very good for amateur flick and there is a lot of decent gore on display as the film picks up its pace.
The review is based on the DVD released by Maximum Uncut Productions and is part of a limited release of 500 copies. It´s uncut and german language only.
Rating: 2 out of 7. Lost Way Of The Zombies looks like shit in the beginning of the flick but it gets much better, the redeeming factors are the plentiful and goodlooking zombies and the gore which comes thick and fast (you just have to wait awhile).


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