Tuesday 14 February 2012

DVD review: Knochenwald 2 - Fleischernte (Video 2002)

Quite exactly one year after the psychopath Mike Mansfield from the Ostsee-psychiatry has escaped, another crazy criminal of violence breaks out. It is the cannibal John Noah. So that this second outbreak of a psychopathic killer does not reach once more to the general public like a year before to catch a reward hunter around Noah instructed of the clinic leader of the Ostsee-psychiatry Thomas Hampton. Together with Dr.Kane, the former psychiatrist of both killers, they proceed in the wood and soon hit on the first victims of the murderer's team. Since nobody has anticipated that John Noah has already formed an alliance with his former "friend" Mike Mansfield to go together on human hunt. Besides, Mike Mansfield still has a belonging calculation with the clinic leader Thomas Hampton openly.... The harvest of flesh has started. Knochenwald 2 - Fleischernte is written, shot and directed by Marius Thomsen. It´s made on a very tight budget, for what ever reason the picture quality varies this time, from good to dark and grainy in some scenes. The running time is longer at 61 minutes but the film keeps up a pretty high pacing, there is more plot and more characters. The acting is as bad as in the previous film, the camera work is decent and the editing is good. The soundtrack is pretty good. The kills are even more gorier than the first movie, there is some use of awfully bad CGI but most of it is practical fx (home made).
This review is based on The Knochenwald trilogy DVD release by Maximum Uncut Productions, it´s uncut and german language only. It´s part of a limited telease of 500 copies. 
Rating: 2 out of 7. Knochenwald 2 - Fleischernte is pretty good and the special fx are impressive but I liked Part 1 better. The added running time, a good 30 minutes longer than its predecessor, is both a benefit and drawback.


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