Wednesday 22 February 2012

DVD review: Burrp (1993)

Civilization is threatened by bloody chaos. Disease ridden vegetables is an epidemic across the country, which causes the infected not only to become extremely aggressive, but also to become cannibalistic. A military unit is trying to get this problem under control. Burrp is directed by Sergio Blasco, who is regarded as the Spanish answer to Olaf Ittenbach and Andreas Bethmann. The acting is bad, it´s badly shot and edited but Sergio Blasco does succeed to create a scary and crazy atmosphere in some scenes. The splatter scenes are of course not perfect, but serve their purpose, namely to maintain the gorehounds. They are comparable with the effects of Violent Shit 2. The plot is somewhat confused and in the end completely lost  in some seemingly senseless carnage. This film ain´t pretty too look at as the picture is grainy but it is an amateur film shot on VHS from the early 90s.
This review is based on the DVD released by Shock DVD Entertainment, it´s uncut, has german or spanish audio but there isn´t much dialogue. Beware that the film is approximately 30 minutes, not 50 minutes as stated on the DVD cover.
Rating: 1 out of 7. Burrp is a pure amateur movie. You can look forward to a scenes of blood and violence with elements of slapstick.


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