Saturday 18 February 2012

DVD review: Exitus II: House of Pain (Video 2008)

2 years have passed since the terrible events in the Exitus House. Sophie (Mia Magic), the sister of the murdered Monique, suffers from the fact that her sister's body was never found and the killer never brought to justice. She believes that Monique may still be alive and being held captive the psychopath. After finding out the house has been left unoccupied for 2 years she decides, along with her friend Lena (Natasha We), to investigate the house themselves. They soon find out that the secrets the house holds is far beyond their wildest dreams. Exitus II: House of Pain is a sequel to Exitus Interruptus by the germanbased sexplotaition director Andreas Bethmann that picks up the story of the first part, this time without the protagonist of his predecessor psychopath played by Andreas himself. It is shot, edited, written and directed by Andreas Bethmann, he is also did the soundtrack. The Saw series is recognizable as a one of the sources of inspiration. This being a Bethmann film you can count on plentiful amounts of nudity but there is less explicit sex in this film compared to the previous one. As the cast we have a group of women who more or less I guess have a previous background in the adult film industry; Renee Pornero, Mia Magic, Natascha We and Suzi-Anne, the last is the most goodlooking.The main actresses are unfortunately not always pretty to watch, although they are naked a large part of the movie and the acting leaves much to be desired. The lighting is good, the camera work knows how to please, the sets are quite stylish and the music is unobtrusive but appropriate. There are a scenes of torture, degradation, necrophilia and cannibalism but these scenes are so poorly staged that they lose much of their impact. There is not enough gore to satisfy the gorehounds and the special fx, these all come from the hands of the director are not really good and are largely unconvincing. The film is quite boring, it just happens too little and when it finally happens the has been to long. And there is a general lack of logic.
This review is based on the Hardcore gore version released by X Rated Kult DVD, it´s german language only.
Rating: 1½ out of 7. Exitus II: House of Pain is a unnecessary sequel, there are hardly anything new and it is failing to surpass its predecessor


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