Wednesday 21 March 2012

DVD review: Bloody Murder (Video 2000)

Julie McConnell is one of a dozen camp counselors working to re-open a summer camp when a series of murders and disappearances begin commited by a hockey masked killer who may be the urban legend killer Trevor Moorehouse. When Julie looks into the murders by herself, she finds that she may be the killer's next target when she gets too close to some dark secrets of the camp which may lead to the killer's identity. Bloody Murder is written John R. Stevensson and directed by Ralph E. Portillo.
Bad acting galore and I was just hoping for the characters to get killed off. The pacing awfully slow, there is no suspense, the film looks and feels extremely low budget. The soundtrack is ok. 
The killings are very lame as almost all the violence happen off screen, the camera cuts away to something else, then when the camera cut back to the murder scene, the person would already be dead. There is minimal gore, a slit throat, a couple of arrows shot into people, which is idiotic as gore is as essential as nudity for a succesful slasher film and guess what, there is no nudity despite that there are four good looking women in the movie. 
This review is based on the german region 2 DVD release from Planet Media, it´s uncut and has a english audiotrack available.
Rating: 0½ out of 7.  Bloody Murder tries to be a slasher but fails miserably, it´s a typical predictable b-movie slasher which is not such a bad thing as long as the film entertains. But the fact that there is no nudity and no gore makes this a worthless slasher flick,  some gratuitous gore and/or sex is a must. I tried to watch this with an open mind but it´s as entertaining as watching a freshly painted wall dry but I guess I should mention that this film is far from the worst film I've ever seen... Check the film out if you want, but be warned, it's bad.


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