Friday 9 March 2012

Review: Worm (2010)

First I´d like to thank Zach Green for making this film available to me.
A day in the mind of Geoffrey Dodd (Robert Nolan), a seemingly kind, gentle and sane High School teacher. As we follow Geoffrey through the course of a typical school day we gain an eerie insight into the darkest corners of his soul and beyond. Beneath the carefully constructed veneer of Geoffrey Dodd lies something wretched, insidious and foul rotting him from the inside out. Worm is written, directed, produced and edited (along with Zach Green) by Richard Powell. The acting is very good and Robert Nolan is simply fantastic as Geoffrey Dodd, on the surface he seems like your average everyday mild-mannered man but he is a disturbed sociopath. He harbours disturbing bottled thoughts inside of him, dark and violent thoughts (which we hear in voice overs).  He´s like a ticking time bomb and you keep wondering if Dodd will explode into a violent rage, or not. Worm is very well made, it´s professionally shot and edited. The soundtrack is good and the setting almost feels claustrophobic and the atmosphere is unsettling. There is no gore, barely any blood and no nudity instead we get an look into a very dark mind which is truly frightening.
This review is based on a online source sent to me.
Rating: 7 out of 7. Worm is an incredibly dark, sadistic and well psychological thriller and Nolan's performance is very impressive. It gets my highest recommendations! Be sure to check it out!!


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