Thursday 8 March 2012

DVD review: The Dark Lurking (2010)

In the near future, eight people at a secret underground research facility are trapped by a horde of terrifying zombie-like creatures. An ancient evil has been unleashed, and the danger escalates as the flesh-hungry creatures begin mutating. With no supplies, few weapons, and little hope of rescue, the survivors must put aside their differences and try to find a way out. But one of them is not who they seem to be, and is about to present a far greater danger than the rabid monsters. The Dark Lurking is edited, written, co-produced and directed by Gregory Connors (as Greg Connors). It ain´t hard to identify where the inspiration comes from, Aliens and Resident Evil and some of the creatures are even very reminicent of the ones in Aliens. The acting is uneven, ranging from bad to decent. The camera work and editing is pretty good, the set design and lighting is good. Lots of scenes with people shooting guns but the action scenes are ridden with clich├ęs and are therefore not very exciting.
There is blood and guts but the special fx high light are the grotesque zombie-like creatures, the are some really nice creature designs in this film. The monsters looks great, they are not computer gendered which is a big plus in my opinion. 
The review is based in the region 2 UK release by Left Films, beware that they have changed the title to Alien Undead.
Rating: 2½ out of 7. The Dark Lurking is really nothing special but there are some good monsters, gore and special fx.


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