Wednesday 7 March 2012

Review: Emancipation (2011)

Zac (James Riley) is teaching his younger sister a life lesson. A harsh one. But Bobby (Rob Washington) his mother's boyfriend disapproves. Emancipation is written and directed by Ron Decaro, he also has involved in shooting and editing the film. It has a running time of 11 minute, shot on a shoestring budget, it´s a dark, gritty, brutal and very nasty film. It´s a uncompromising film with animal cruelty, graphic violence and drug-use on display. The acting is decent, the camera work and editing is good and due to the short running time the pacing is high. The gore and special fx created by Ron Decaro is very good.
This review is based on a online source uploaded on Ron Decaro´s private youtube-channel.
Rating: 5 out of 7. Emancipation is short, brutal and dark and I like it, I´m gonna review Ron Decaro´s earlier film The Gateway Meat in the near future.


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