Sunday 25 March 2012

DVD review: Frat House Massacre (2008)

Sean (Chris Prangley) and his little brother Bobby (Rane Jameson) thought joining the Delta lota Epsilon fraternity would be the best time of their lives with parties, freedom, girls and sex. The fraternity president Mark (Jon Fleming) however, is a little strange. His hazing rituals include extreme physical and mental torture that leads the boys down a horrific path of destruction and death. But death may just be the beginning as this gritty, twisted film unfolds. Frat House Massacre is written by Draven Gonzalez and directed by Alex Pucci. It´s a attempt to recreate the feel of a 1970s slasher/exploitation does a wonderful job of creating a period-appropriate atmosphere, complete with retro soundtrack, late 70’s clothing and hair styles.The cast is good, you really do begin to hate Jon fleming´s character and his fraternity brothers as we witness their behaviour (won´t go into details because I don´t wanna spoil the film for you). Professional camera work and editing and the soundtrack from Claudio Simonetti is nice. The bodycount is high and there is plenty for the gorehounds and it´s all practical fx, we only get to see the killers gloved hands during the kills which is nice and keeps us wondering who the real killer is. There is plenty of sex and nudity. There is a notable amount of homoeroticism with a hunky frat boys walking around bare chested, a scene where a stripped guy is hosed down by another shirtless guy with the hose being held at crotch height.
This review is based on the Region all DVD release from Synapse Films.
Rating: 5½ out of 7. Frat House Massacre works well, a lot of violence, gore and sleaze on display. it has high production values and there are a couple of nice plot twists. Recommended for exploitation and horror fans.


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