Sunday 18 March 2012

DVD review: Rape 2 (2006)

Rape 2 is a rape/revenge compilation (consisting of two short films on the topic) from Germany and it´s written and directed by A. Simona. In the first a man kidnaps a young woman and is then joined by hos friend and together they rape and abuse her before she strike back. In the second film a woman is out with her dog in a park and is attacked by two men. The acting though it´s hard to call it that, is bad. It´s decently shot and edited. As expected with a A. Simona film there is long, tedious and boring scenes of explicit sex and a lot of nudity. And yet again the actresses are unattractive which is not a good thing when you are making a film which features a lot of nudity and long explicit sex scenes.  On the topic of gore, there is almost no special fx to talk about. There are scenes that could have been very gory but all the carnage with  real potential occurs off screen and you just see some blood splatter.
This review is based on a DVD released by A Simona Film. it´s part of a limited release of 1500 numbered copies and the copy in my collection is numbered 1166, it´s uncut and it´s german language only.
Rating: 0½ out of 7. Rape 2 is boring, I wouldn´t recommend it to anyone and I doubt that it would appeal to the forced-sex fetish fans.


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