Sunday 4 March 2012

DVD review: Reckoning Day (2002)

There is a new spectacular drug that increases your strenght around three times and you can continue to run, fight although you are severely injured. Now this drug is stolen from the army and ready for a more commercial market. Former prefessional assassin Charles Toll (Saul Linklater) is about to export his product and only Ed (Roman Karpynec) can prevent that from happening. Reckoning Day is shot, edited, written and directed by Julian Gilbey. Furthermore he plays the character Richard Iman and is also responsible for the special makeup effects. Actually the plot of the movie isn't bad but the film is confusing sometimes but partly due to bad audio, it´s simply hard to hear the dialogue at times. It´s filled to the brim with guns, shoot outs, big juicy squibs and gore but that doesn´t help as it´s badly shot and edited and a there is a lot of bad acting (let´s just say that they aren´t credible as their characters, for instance they are way to young) but keep in mind that none of them are professional actors. Add to this that it´s too long and never seems to come to a end. All the fx are practical, no computer rendered squibs in this film, and there is a fight with chainsaws but the action sequences leave a lot to be desired due to bad camera work and editing.
This review is based on dutch region 2 DVD release by H.M.O Vision, it´s uncut.
Rating: 1 out of 7. Reckoning Day has too many flaws, it´s confusing, has terrible acting but if you like gratuitous, blood splattered violence you should give this film a chance but if you´re not do not waste your time with this one. Director Julian Gilbey went on to bigger and better films after this, I highly recommend his film Rise Of the Footsoldier (2007) which is a brilliant film 


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