Tuesday 20 March 2012

DVD review: Bloodstained Romance (2009)

How far would you go for love? Holden (Chris Burchette) will soon find out the answer to that question as he reaches to the depths of insanity for that one true love as he falls in love with young coed (Cameron Wright) when he sees her at his college for the first time. Bloodstained Romance is written and directed by Travis B. Miller. The acting is uneven but Cameron Wright is good and Chris Burchette is impressive as Holden, he gives a believable portrayal of a man, giving insight into the depths of a deranged mind. This is a is character driven film, the slow pacing only helps to make the main character and the story more terrifying. Loooking at production values, it´s decently shot and edited, the soundtrack is ok but keep in mind that it´s made on a very low budget, so there are a few things that could have been better had there have been a budget. There is gore but not anything extreme as most of the violence is implied and happens off screen but this actually only adds to the feeling of brutality as Holden shows that he is capable of extreme violence.
This review is based upon the german region 2 DVD release by CMW, english audio and subtitles are available. I believe it´s uncut.
Rating: 6½ out of 7. I really enjoyed  Bloodstained Romance, it´s disturbing, brutal, creepy and feels realistic. I highly recommend this film. I am going to keep an eye on Travis B. Miller. Check it out for yourself if you are a fan of independent horror.


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