Monday 1 October 2012

DVD review: Creepies 2 (Video 2005)

First I´d like to thank Jeff Leroy for sending me a copy of the japanese DVD release of Creepies 2.
Mutant spiders are accidentally released in Las Vegas. These become pus and bigger, destroying everything in their path. The army responded by sending a powerful strike force in place, including a Mecha-Destructor, a giant robot with a lot of firepower, designed to annihilate the arachnids. Creepies 2 is written and directed by Jeff Leroy. Yes the giant spiders are back. The acting is pretty bad, the sets are cheap and the camerawork and editing barely decent but Creepies 2 is movie that focus on the action, gore, explosions and destruction. There are some quite amusing use of stock footage, or have the filmmakers perhaps shot some random footage in Las Vegas and incorporated it in the movie (I don´t think that they would have the budget for all these extras). As expected we get a lot of miniature buildings (we love when they blow up) and toycars being used and Mecha-Destructor, the gigantic robot controlled by the army, is a practical fx (probably bought at Toys R Us and modified by Jeff Leroy to suit the flick). We get a lot of computer rendered fx (used for fighter planes and spiders) and most of it looks cheap and are quite bad but are at the same time of a quirky charming variety that I have problems to be overly critical to. And I know that a movie like this wouldn´t be possible to do with only practical miniature fx even though I wish it (I would f*cking love it if Jeff Leroy could pull that off). There is some gore, practical fx, and I do believe that they reuse a scene from the first Creepies flick. There is plenty of T & A, courtesy of one actress who portrays a escort.
Creepies 2 is also known as King Spider, Creepies 2: Las Vegas Attack, King Spider Vs the Mecha-Destructor.
This view is based upon the japanese region 2 DVD release from Amsell Entertainment.
Rating: 3½ out of 7. Creepies 2 is at it´s best when Jeff Leroy turns loose is creative mind for wreaking havoc and destroying things, effectively destroying Las Vegas and leaving it in ruins.
One small question, do hotel security personel in USA carry bazookas? Just wondering.. =)
Creepies 2 is recommended to lovers of small independent productions. I think it´s time for me to revisit Werewolf in a Women Prison and Rat Scratch Fever


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  1. Can you please give me a link where i can watch this movie online without to pay for..??? Or a Download link (please no torrents) ???