Monday 1 October 2012

DVD review: Mr. Hell (2006)

The notorious serial killer Harry Eugene Loveless, AKA Mr. Hell, roamed from town-to-town and job-to-job, brutally murdering his victims, with the demonic intention of removing the windows to the soul - their eyes! Mr. Hell mutilated Dr. Karl Matthews at a government laboratory, where biological weapons were secretly being developed. The doctor's precocious daughter, Tyler, who discovered her fathers body with his eyes missing, was then pursued by Harry through the lab's subterranean tunnels. During the chase, Harry was accidentally destroyed by toxic industrial acid, and his remains flowed into a storage container. Was this the end for Mr. Hell? Fourteen years later, we find a grown-up Tyler, now a security guard at the lab, which is soon scheduled for demolition. During the lab's closing process, incompetent waste removal workers unwittingly release Harrys toxic essence. Mr. Hell is back, and on the hunt! Complicating matters, a group of mercenaries led by Dominique Horney (Tracy Scoggins) invade the laboratory to steal a hidden vial of deadly bacterium to sell to terrorists. This small private army may be prepared for a few security guards, but not for Mr. Hell! As for Tyler, will she survive the band of professional killers and defeat, once again, the diabolical butcher, Mr. Hell?! Mr. Hell is written by Jack Rhodes, David Carren and directed by Rob McKinnon. The acting is pretty bad and amateurish and there are some truly ridiculous dialogue. The character Mr. Hell is just hilarious, partly due to the bad acting, and is not even remotely scary and he´s even a bit annoying when looking crazy and drooling. The camerawork and editing is pretty good. The sets looks very good. I can´t make up my mind if the soundtrack is good or bad. There are a few scenes that make no sense at all, for instance a sexscene that probably is the result of someone coming up with the idea to include some T & A. The action is pretty bad and there is a knifefighting-scene that is just ridiculous and a laugh out loud moment. There is some gore but it´s pretty lame except for one scene where a character gets his throat cut. For the most part we only get to see the aftermath and most of the carnage happens off screen.I did like the meltdown scene which is, I belive, a combination of practical fx and CGI. As mentioned earlier in this review there is some T & A in conjunction with a sex scene that feels prolonged and makes no sense. It´s just there to provide some T & A.
This review is based upon the region 1 DVD release from Maverick Entertainment.
Rating: 1 out of 7. Yes, it´s pretty bad... I wouldn´t recommend this to anyone, spend your money on something else.


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