Saturday 13 October 2012

Review: Everyone Must Die (2012)

First I´d like to thank the filmmakers for providing me with a screener.
When it comes to your town, no one can run, no one can hide, EVERYONE MUST DIE! A pattern of similar killings occurs, leaving small towns aghast with grief and suspicion. When the massacre left Kyle's sister in the coroner's office, he vowed to solve the mystery behind the gruesome pattern of slaughter and find out where this seemingly death-proof killer will strike next. Join us as this tale of gore spreads from town to town, person to person, and blade to blade, leaving nobody safe, because, after all... EVERYONE MUST DIE! Everyone Must Die is written by Derek Rothermund and Steve Rudzinski. The acting is very tongue in cheek, all the characters have certain characteristics that are somewhat exaggerated. For instance we have Sam also known as MC Pink (Seth Joseph) who is a pretty annoying and hilariously funny character at the same time. We have the sportjock, there is a very funny scene when he tries to hook up with a chick, and so on. The camerawork and editing is pretty decent. There is a lot of intentional comedy but it never forget that it is a slasher as the bodycount is pretty good and the pacing is high (running time 70 minutes). There plenty of bloodsplattering but only brief gore, a comination of practical and computer rendered fx which looks okay. In the T & A department I can report topless nudity.
Everyone Must Die can bought from the official website here .
This review is based upon online screener provided by the filmmakers.
Rating: 5½ out of 7. I enjoyed this, Steve Rudzinski shows a lot of improvement in his craftmanship (I´ve reviewed a earlier flick of his). Everyone Must Die has all the traditional slasher-elements and is both fun and entertaining.


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