Thursday 25 October 2012

Review: The Shadow of Death (2012)

First I´d like to thank Gav Chuckie Steel for providing me with a screener.
Set in an English woodland countryside, Debra (Corinna Jane) and her best friends Jamie (Jane West) and Nancy (Sophia Disgrace) pick up Dan (Daniel Carter-Hope), Nancey's ex, to go out to the woods to score some weed. Unknown to them a killer who resembles death is cleansing the countryside. With a wannabe policeman and an assortment of the public out for some fresh air, the woods are no place to go down today. The Shadow of Death is written and directed by Gav Chuckie Steel. The acting is pretty good, much better than I´d expected. It´s a slasher but there is plenty of intentional comedy, there are some laugh out loud moments and I absolutely love the wannabe cop character Craven (Dan Bone). He was great! One thing that I like about The Shadow of Death is that it doesn´t forget that it is a slasher. It´s nicely shot and edited. The soundtrack is very good. The pacing is really good even if it slows down somewhat around the 45 minute mark but it soon picks up the pace again. It´s gory, a arm being chopped of and a eyeball being gouged out are among the high lights. It´s all practical fx and it looks good for a microbudget feature flick. There is no T & A in this
This based upon online screener provided by the filmmakers.
Rating: 6 out of 7. I enjoyed this, it´s very funny, gory and a ultimately very satisfying experience. I hope The Shadow of Death will get distribution soon as I will definitely be buying it on DVD


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