Monday 22 October 2012

Review: In the Market (2009)

First I´d like to thank Marco at EuroObscure for providing me with a screener.
Summer of 2005. Inspired by true events. David, Sarah and Nicole leaves on a trip with only one purpose, the concert of their favorite rock band. Unfortunately not everything goes as planned. Things get complicated when the three decide to stop at a gas station for fuel and get caught up in a robbery. They´re ripped off of all their possessions. Forced to find a place to call the police, they arrive to a market where, tired and hungry, they decide to hide for the night, not knowing that the market butcher slaughters not just pork and beef.. In the Market is written by N. Santi Amantini, Marco Martini, Eleonora Stagi and Lorenzo Lombardi who also is the director. The acting is pretty good for the most part but Ottaviano Blitch is very good as Adam "the Butcher". In the Market  professionally shot and edited and there are some nice visuals here, both showing vast landscapes and the tight confines of a air duct. They try to make look like the USA but it doesn´t really work to well but what the heck I´m not the one to nitpick about such things. There is many references to other movies, in dialogue, and it actually was a bit too much of it in my opinion. The pacing is pretty good. I do love the horror story that the three share while they are inside the market, but I´ve both seen and heard it before but it is nevertheless a very good and creepy story. The setting of In the Market is very good, not totally original as many of you might know but it is used to good effect by the filmmakers. There is gore, some top notch looking make-up fx work courtesy of Sergio Stivaletti but why isn´t there more gore in this? It´s not that there isn´t opportunities for showcasing the gory stuff. There is no T & A in this...
This review is based upon a passwordprotected onlinescreener privided by EuroObscura. The screener was in italian with english subtitles.
Rating: 5½ out of 7. I enjoyed this but I must say that I´m kinda disappointed that it doesn´t showcase more of Sergio Stivaletti´s gruesome gore-fx..


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