Saturday 6 October 2012

New giveaway: Andreas Bethmann´s K3 - Prison of Hell (uncut) Cover A

To celebrate that Independent Flicks was started one year ago I´m having a few giveaways this month. This time the prize is a copy of Andreas Bethmann´s K3: Prison of Hell (uncut). It´s in mint condition (opened but never played).  
2.35:1 Widescreen
Running time: ca.106 min.+106 min.+121 min. (uncut)
German audio with english subtitles.

2 disc -Set
Exportversion (106 min) - The german cinema version- Bonusversion (Alternative Hardcore-Version, 106 min.)
Deleted Scenes (31 min.) - Original Trailer - Making of "Prison of Hell" (88 min.)

X-Rated 231, Cover A
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First come first served but remember that the giveaway starts when the blog passes the 47 000 mark. Don´t miss this great giveaway featuring perhaps nastiest flick from the german sleaze-master Andreas Bethmann. Gratuitous female nudity, explicit sex, degradation, sadism, torture and gore. The gore fx is created by Olaf Ittenbach and is very good in this. K3: Prison of Hell is one of those flicks that has a well deserved  reputation for being extreme.


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