Wednesday 10 October 2012

Review: Blood Soaked (2012)

First I´d like to thank the makers of Blood Soaked for providing me with a DVD-screener.
A freshman on her first day is seduced by an older co-ed and shares a sweaty and sleepless night in the New Mexico desert. After a run-in with road kill the morning after, the newly formed lesbian couple's maiden voyage is violently interrupted by a pair of Hitler youth sisters with a taste for G.T.A. and hate crime.  Skull-shattering horror ensues as untested Nazi science unveils a deadly secret and the sister's terrifying plans for a Fourth Reich are revealed. The couple's wits and survival skills are the only things keeping them alive as the nails approach their coffins with blinding speed… Blood Soaked is written and directed by Peter Grendle. The acting is good, especially from the two main characters who are both interesting and entertaining. It´s nicely shot and edited, the movie have scenes both in color and black and white and some scenes are in my opinion a bit to dark. The set design is good. The pacing is good, the running time is 70 minutes. There are a few twists, I won´t go into them due to spoilers, but there might be one twist to many in my opinion. There is gore, practical make-up fx and a lot of the gory stuff happens when the movie is black and white and that actually works to its advantage and it looks pretty good. There is some brief topless nudity
This review is based upon a DVD -screener provided by the filmmakers.
Rating: 6 out of 7. I enjoyed Blood Soaked, it´s well made, entertaining and unexpectedly sinister in its tone.


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