Sunday 7 October 2012

DVD review: Kickboxer from Hell (1992)

While in Hong Kong preparing for the big tournament, American kickboxing champion Sean becomes involved with undercover British Nun Sophia and her battle against Satan and his evil crew of kickboxers. In the action packed climatic battle, Sean destroys Satan and his evil henchman, the dreaded Scorpion. Kickboxer from Hell is directed by Godfrey Ho. The acting is obscenely bad and the dubbing to english is laughable. Beware that this is a typical Godfrey Ho filmmaking, shot some new footage with a caucasian cast and edit then edit it into an older Asian flick and suddenly you got a new flick. In Kickboxer from Hell there is perhaps 15 minutes worth of new footage and around 75 minutes from what looks like a 1970s horror movie produced somewhere in Asia. The shifts between new and old are very obvious. Needless to say it´s a pretty confusing and incoherent flick. Don´t know what to say about the camerawork and editing, I guess that it´s okay. The soundtrack is something special, I had a nice WTF moment when suddenly I hear the Halloween theme, yes they used it in this flick. The 1970s horror footage is dreadfully boring and features a haunted house. The fight choreography is actually, and unexpectedly, pretty decent but it´s best to put a limit to your expectations. No gore in this or perhaps there were but the picture is so dark when some scenes take place at night so it´s hard to tell. The make-up fx, if you can call it that, looks like shit. No T & A in this as far as I could see but some scenes were very dark.
This review is based upon a region all (Region 0) DVD release from Eden Entertainment, don´t know if it´s a legit release or not but I bought it at
Rating: 0½ out of 7. OMFG! Kickboxer from Hell is a confusing and incoherent mess to say the least..  I won´t hesitate to name this as one of the worst flicks I´ve ever seen. Yes, it is really that bad..


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